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We are proud servers of Sons of Toil brewed beer located in Mt. Orab, Ohio. We have a selection of lagers, ciders and ales to choose from. Check out our list below and come test them in our tap room today! Once you find one you love, ask us abut our growler options! 

Sons of Toil Craft Beer 
Beers on tap change so be sure to ask us what our new favorite is each week!
Pineapple Hefeweizen                                                       6.00


A great German recipe that has stood the test of time.  Sons of Toil has added Pineapple to compliment the clove and banana flavor that comes from the yeast.  Toss in some fresh Pineapple to each glass and we think you will find it quite enjoyable! 


Alc. 4.8% // IBUs 12
16 oz serving

Kolsch                                                                                  6.00


This German beer has been brewed for over a hundred years.  It is a light session beer with a low ABV.  Perfect for those times when you plan on enjoying more than one.  Straw golden color and with the Kolsch yeast it actually reminds some of the delicate flavors of a Lager.


Alc. 4.7% // IBUs 23
16 oz serving

Horny Handed                                                         6.00


Horny Handed IPA is a hop forward ale with nice citrus tones from the hops and a slight sweetness from the honey malt.  


Alc. 6.6% // IBU 72

12 oz serving

Belgian White Ale                                                      6.00


This wheat beer is special in that it uses two different types of wheat and oats and then combines coriander and orange to make one unique flavor. Coupling all of that with the special collection yeast and you have a really smooth drinking white ale!


Alc. 5.0% // IBUs 12
16 oz serving

Mango Milkshake                                                              6.00


Sons of Toil took their Juicy recipe and gave it a tropical twist.  By adding lactose and mango along with some vanilla and orange peel, it really takes the name juicy to a whole new level.  This beer is sweet and creamy with wonderful mango notes throughout.  


Alc. 7.2% // IBUs 72
12 oz serving

Hard Seltzer                                                                         6.00


Light, clean and refreshing. It is a base seltzer that you can add lemon, wild berry or orange flavoring to. Great for those hot summer days.


Alc. 5.0% // IBUs 29

16 oz serving 

Double IPA                                                                 6.00 


This double IPA is packed full of hops, but it has a nice balance with the malt coming through to carry that nice fruity hop flavor to the end.


Alc. 8.5% // IBUs 113

12 oz serving

Domestic Beer

Bud Light                                                                      3.50

Mich Ultra                                                                   5.00


Budweiser                                                                               3.50

NTRL Seltzer Variety



Come in and ask us what wines we have each week!               
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